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Exploit: Zero Day in Open Alpha July 10, 2019

Exploit: Zero Day in Open Alpha July 10, 2019

On July 10, 2019, Exploit: Zero Day will enter open alpha with free access to the base game to everyone who joins at

Future Proof Games' cyberthriller game where you roleplay a hacktivist by making and solving puzzles has been in closed alpha testing for years, with new players being limited to members of our mailing list. After July 10, anyone can join the game for free and gain access to all user-created puzzles, the puzzle editor, and our season of free story, "Black Echoes".

Exploit: Zero Day is a follow-up to Gregory Avery-Weir's Flash puzzle game Exploit, a high-stakes story of hacking and international terrorism. Future Proof Games has spent years constructing a worthy successor using modern browser technology, providing politically-relevant and morally-challenging story accompanied by an upgraded puzzle system that lets players create puzzle systems that represent servers to hack and tie them together into story-driven clusters.

Anyone who signs up at will gain access, on July 10, to all player-created puzzles and the ability to create their own. Additionally, they will gain access to "Black Echoes", a branching story of corporate overreach, digital identity, and police brutality taking place over nine story missions. As part of the hacktivist group Zero Day, the player investigates the sinister global corporation Samsara Digital and their role in the disappearance of a researcher, Laurie Wu. Just as they find evidence that Wu is probably dead, they are contacted by a mysterious figure claiming to be her. The mystery continues through police archives and car chases before it comes to a head.

Once players have finished "Black Echoes", they can buy our prelude season of story, "Headless Swarm", for $4.99 USD. In "Headless Swarm", the player gets a message from the enigmatic Kilroy-sama asking for help investigating the crash of a consumer drone with the possible involvement of a familiar name and the amoral hacker group OnyxHorde. "Headless Swarm" is an ongoing story that will conclude in the upcoming months.

Exploit: Zero Day was created by Future Proof Games. For more information, check out the following links:

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