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EZD Roadmap for July 2019

EZD Roadmap for July 2019

With our opening of Exploit: Zero Day's alpha test, we're making progress toward having the game fulfill our complete vision for it. Here's an updated roadmap to the work we have planned over the next year, broken up into our named releases.

This work will happen in parallel with continued work on the remaining jobs for "Headless Swarm."

"Phantom Phreak"

"Phantom Phreak" is our completed release for opening the game to anyone who registers! It included the work to open the alpha, some back-end improvements to make our work smoother, and vital features like the ability to block users.

"Acid Burn"

The named release we're currently working on is "Acid Burn". Any large project makes a bit of a mess as it nears completion, and "Acid Burn" is where we'll be taking the time to clean up some things before we move on: releasing some features that have been on hold and polishing some stuff that has gotten crufty.

Features in "Acid Burn" include:

  • A better look and experience for system solving
  • The ability to replay and share your solutions to a system
  • More info in system/cluster lists and a place for us to feature notable player work
  • The ability to disable job notification emails
  • Bugfixes for various issues with system and cluster editing
  • More back-end improvements


The next release will be "Razor". We haven't quite pinned down its full scope, but it's likely to involve some new enhancements and features that flesh out the game to make it feel more varied and accessible to new players. One big feature that we're likely to include is system skins. We haven't yet decided how we want to make these available to players, but we intend to at least make some of the clusters we make have different looks to systems to reflect their role in the story!

Exploit: Zero Day is a browser-based cyberthriller puzzle game with living story where you roleplay as a social justice hacktivist by making tricky moral choices and solving puzzles to hack servers. You can make and share your own puzzles and story using built-in tools! Register today for free for immediate access to the "Black Echoes" season of story and all user-created puzzles.

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