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Exploit: Zero Day - Update to 0.44.0

Exploit: Zero Day - Update to 0.44.0

We've just released an update to Exploit: Zero Day as part of the now ongoing "Acid Burn" release. Changes include:

  • You can now replay puzzle solutions. When you play a puzzle, your solutions will be listed below it. Clicking one will take you to a screen where you can replay or loop it. That link can be given out freely to help others... or to show off. (example solution)

Screenshot of the replay feature, showing a puzzle poised to play back the solution

  • Empty clusters can no longer be made public, and existing empty clusters that were public are no longer. Thank you @Haon115 for that suggestion!
  • Emails containing job message notifications will now say what character they're from.

Remember, Exploit: Zero Day is now open and free for anyone to play! Hop in and play "Black Echoes," a story of corporate overreach, digital identity, and police brutality taking place over nine story missions. Then play puzzles your fellow players have created and make your own.

If you encounter any issues with this release, please report them in the Bugs and Issues  category on the forum or click the bug icon at the upper right of every page.

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