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Future Proof Podcast 039 - Not to Rant Too Much

Future Proof Podcast 039 - Not to Rant Too Much

These last two months have brought some "fun" encounters with 3rd party platforms, but we've tried to contain our complaining to be more informative than just ranting. You can listen below, read the transcript, or watch the video.

We talk about:

  1. The Humble Spring Sale, which Ossuary is in until 10 AM PT on May 23.
  2. The complications of Twitter and Exploit: Zero Day. If you need to add an additional login method, do so on your account page.
  3. The Majesty of Colors' update to stay in compliance with Google Play, which gave us Unity-related trouble!
  4. The TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida Bundle final report! If you bought it, you own Rosette Diceless and the Companion.

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Our intro/outro music is "Juparo" by Broke for Free used with permission. Talk to us on Twitter, or on YouTube!

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