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Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

In the third quarter of this year, we committed ourselves to diversifying Future Proof's income. Our only real source of income right now is sales of Ossuary, and while Exploit: Zero Day is trucking towards having salable plot, development on that has barely begun.

We had another idea, though: in the process of prototyping the Car Game, we started developing a simple scene loading tool in Unity. (Think of the sort of code that loads upcoming areas in an open-world game as you approach the edge of the current one.) This would let us dip a toe into dev tools (an altogether different market than game sales) and wouldn't have required much in the way of PR work: its discoverability would primarily be managed within the Unity asset store.

"All it needs," we said, "is a little bit of polish and some error checking. A couple weeks of work at most."

Famous last words from developers.


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Ossuary 50% Off for Bureflux: Sep 21-27

Ossuary 50% Off for Bureflux: Sep 21-27

In honor of the Discordian holiday of Bureflux, our creepy, satirical, conversation-based adventure game Ossuary will be 50% off on Steam from September 21-27, 2015.

In Discordianism, there are five seasons, each with 73 days. These seasons reflect the cyclical periods of history, which start with Chaos, fall into Discord, ...

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