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Future Proof Podcast 032 - Bit Rot

Future Proof Podcast 032 - Bit Rot

February has come and gone, but this episode is coming out anyway! You can listen below, read the transcript, or watch the video.

We don't mention it in the podcast on account of the timing of our recording, but you still have a couple days to pick up the Bundle for Ukraine over on Almost 1000 games (including ours!) for a minimum of $10, with all proceeds going to the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.


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Ossuary Update 1.8.1

We've released an Ossuary update to address a couple of issues:

  • On platforms that used an installer version of the game (i.e. not Steam), an expired certificate rendered the game unplayable. This has been fixed.
  • The game is now playable on OSX systems that do not support 32-bit executables.

Let ...

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