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Rosette RPG Playtest Episode 1

Rosette RPG Playtest Episode 1

Our tabletop roleplaying game is almost done. In "beta" and for most of its development, it had the working title LORE. However, with our vision for it solidified and the polish phase starting, it was time to pick a name that reflected what the game had become.

I present to you: Rosette.

Below is the first segment of our first playtest with the near-final rules, done several weeks ago. We'll be releasing this and other playtests episodically to share our process and approach with everyone.

Rosette is a roleplaying system designed for quick, creative collaboration. It has a traditional roleplaying feel at the table, but it incorporates a lot more player input into the story than other mainstream RPGs. It is quick to play and focuses on player consent as an integral part of conflict. Nothing happens to your character without your permission.

Rosette RPG Playtest Episode 1

1 hour, 6 minutes - Download Here

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