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"Zero Day" Revealed

We've been teasing at our new game, "Zero Day", including introducing the idea of Samsara, a couple of Screenshot Saturdays, and various social media mentions.

But what is this mysterious "Zero Day"? Its proper name is Exploit: Zero Day, and it's a browser-dwelling game that began with the mechanics and world of Gregory's Exploit, and morphed into an alternate reality game (ARG) with player-influenced plot and new puzzle types beyond the classic Exploit timing-based puzzles.

It's social. That's a scary word to throw out there about a game these days, but I'll do it. It's not a "give me 3 gold per day, please" social game. It's a "should we bring down this hacker, let them do their damage, or form a competing presence to buy time?" social game. The scale is larger than your individual world with your sets of puzzles.

Or, at least, that's the hope. This wouldn't be as fun if it weren't an experiment.

We have a lot to talk about with Exploit: Zero Day. Samsara Digital is a thing to watch. We're doing some fun technologies here (the game is Flash-free! Phaser is serving us well). We're tying together multiple applications to create a seamless experience across the complete ARG. We're being inspired by things like Reset the Net and cryptography.

We're currently pre-alpha, and finding where to tie the knot on that. A few folks will get super-early alpha access to help us check that we haven't spiraled into an endless pit of cryptobabble and Snow Crash allusions.

Updates will come here, or on Facebook/Google+/twitter, but we're also going to do more packaged info bursts via a mailing list, which you can sign up for at

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