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Join the Future Proof Newsletter

One of the findings of our community survey is that... people kinda like newsletters? And they want to hear from us in one.

We're pretty glad about that, because we like making newsletters.

Given that, we'll be retiring our Exploit: Zero Day newsletter and inviting you to subscribe to our Future Proof Games newsletter.

Why not just rebrand?

Ethically speaking, we can't just turn the EZD newsletter into a general FPG one, since that's not what folks signed up for when (for instance) they visited our ECGC booth way back in 2015. However we cook it up, whether that's asking for a resub on a rebranded EZD newsletter or creating a new FPG one, we're effectively starting from scratch, subscription-wise.

What will the newsletter be?

It will be a broad-ranging monthly Future Proof Games newsletter. It'll still contain news about EZD updates, like that EZD newsletter used to. It may also include any of the following:

  • Updates on our game dev work
  • Custom articles written by yours truly/trulies
  • Storefront discount details
  • Recent podcast/video updates
  • Highlights of our Future Proof Plays streams
  • Links to interesting articles or books we've been reading
  • Pictures of Melissa's cats

Where's all this "community" stuff sitting?

We're working pretty intensely on how we want to turn the results of the community survey into something valuable for you, our community. We'd love your feedback on what's working and what isn't: here in a blog comment, on twitter, or via email. We're paying much less attention to Facebook these days (bless you, survey takers!), but you can still message us there, too.

For now, do sign up for the FPG newsletter even if you're already on the EZD one.

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